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Why Blog? Why Now?

When I decided that I wanted to blog about my experiences with Vitiligo, I didn’t have a clue where to start. I was 33, had lived with Vitiligo all my life and hadn’t delved too deeply into my past as a girl with the skin condition that affected just 1% of the worlds population. I could probably write a great ‘about me’ page (with endless edits!) and a piece on how my journey started, but beyond that I didn’t think I had much to say…..

Revealing who I was as a girl with Vitiligo, meant having to ‘open up’. Opening up about something that was very personal to me and that, for most of my life, i’d deliberately shut out because it wasn’t something I wanted to talk about. I was happy stepping out into the world as someone who ignored it, but deep down inside, it was impacting who I was and  how I felt about myself. I didn’t realise there would be a time when I would refer to myself as just ‘Natalie’, without my skin playing such a big part in how I saw myself…..

My moment of ‘readiness’ came after an appearance on London Live. Being interviewed on live TV, knowing I was being streamed into peoples living rooms, became my way of saying ‘I have Vitiligo and I’m okay with it’. I was okay because I had reached a point where I was able to talk about the one thing that had caused me such discomfort in the past…

So I started to write, and the more I wrote, the more I developed ideas on what I wanted to share. I drew inspiration from lifestyle magazines, other people’s experiences with Vitiligo and transported myself back to my childhood when life (unbeknown to me) started to move towards a different direction, when I realised I was different…

A year ago, in 2015, I wrote my first post. I was mid way through having UVB Narrowband treatment, which was miraculously proving successful after just 5 months. My future, vision and attitude towards how I felt about myself was starting to change and my ability to feel comfortable talking about the one thing that had hindered my life for so long, was no longer a forbidden subject……

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