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About Me

Hey Guys! Thanks for passing by…Im not sure how you found me, but I’m glad you did!

I’d like to warmly welcome you to Being Just Us! My newly found space that became my storytelling platform in 2016 after I appeared on London Live to talk about the skin condition, Vitiligo.

I developed Vitiligo, a skin condition where white patches form on the skin due to a lack of the skin chemical melanin, when I was 2 years old. What started as an innocent little patch on  the back of my hand, turned into an aggressive form of Vitiligo that turned my skin 70% white by the time I was 4 years old. Vitiligo is what brings me here today. Whilst looking for real life stories from other girls with the same condition, I noticed most of what was on the internet covered the medical side of the condition. The different forms of treatment, Dermatology, the difficulty in being diagnosed and work being done to find a cure, there was nothing that celebrated being different which is why I developed the desire to share the positive, honest and negative aspects of my own journey….

Vitiligo aside, one of my biggest passions is travelling and if I didn’t work full time, i’d spend much more time outside of the UK! There is nothing more satisfying than boarding a plane, for a week in Dubai to allow for a little luxury, or a few days in a boutique hotel in New York. I have a teeny obsession with Avocado’s and fail to understand why I despise tomatoes so much! When I’m not doing my regular 9-5 city job, you’ll likely find me dining out in some of London’s finest restaurants, sipping Amarettos Sour’s with close friends or studying something new at college because there’s always something new worth learning….and of course putting pen to paper planning my next blog post.

Being Just Us reflects the idea that there isn’t just one type of beauty, but multiple, irrespective of those qualities we are normally judged on. The eye sees beauty in different ways which is finally how I see myself. Hopefully my journey will allow others to relate. Those moments when you can say ‘I felt like that’ or ‘I went through that’ because ultimately, meeting people with a unique and similar background to me, was what helped me with my own personal self acceptance.

Ive always been a writer and so blogging felt like a natural next step, once i’d officially published my first post. I developed an urge to create a space where I could write freely and open up about my past. It became my outlet, and the more I wrote, the more I became excited about potentially connecting with girls just like me.

My skin is a constant reminder of my past and present, and is the reason why Being Just Us has come to be what it is. This is for you as much me. I look forward to sharing my unfinished journey with you….

Natalie x

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