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About Me

Hello, I’m Natalie, a 34 year old Finance PA and newly emerged obsessive blogger…..!

I’m a Londoner who loves London. Yes, I moan about the constant damp and dreary weather, the effects of Brexit and the fact we don’t have 24 hour restaurants (a dream of mine!) but my hometown captures my heart for other reasons beyond those above!

One of my biggest loves in life is travelling. Nothing beats getting away from the day to day grind, whether it be sitting on a beach in Dubai with an Amaretto Sour or enjoying the buzz of New York and bagging a ‘so much cheaper than London’ bargain! I have a teeny obsession with Avocado’s and fail to understand why I despise tomatoes so much, considering I’m a big foodie! I’ve been pulled into London’s growing coffee scene and enjoy a sneaky latte whilst having much needed ‘me time’. When I’m not doing my regular 9-5 job, I’m either dining out with the girls, going to comedies, studying at college because there’s always something I want to learn or of course putting pen to paper planning my next blog post.

Before I go any further, let me just say…….I have Vitiligo. A skin condition whereby white patches form on the skin due to a lack of the skin chemical melanin. It started as an innocent little patch on the back of my hand when I was 2 years old, which gradually spread leaving me 70% white by the time I was 4 years old. Vitiligo is what brings me here today….

My blogging journey started in September 2014, just after an appearance on London Live. Up until that point, I treated my skin like it was a forbidden subject. I didn’t want to talk about it nor did I want anyone to ask me any questions. I wanted to ignore it, pretend like it didn’t exist. I spent most of my life hiding behind fake tan and the clothes I wore. I never imagined being interviewed on live TV, after all, I was incredibly shy and my skin condition was very private to me and so when I agreed to be interviewed on London Live, the first question I asked myself was ‘why?’……weird I know! Turns out it was one of the most nerve wracking yet liberating things I could have done. It became my way of saying ‘I have Vitiligo and I’m actually okay with it’.

I’ve always been the creative type. As a little girl I dreamed about working for a lifestyle magazine as a Journalist, but sadly got distracted and winded up down the banking route which saw me work for some of the worlds most international organisations. I never lost the creative bug. Its ingrained in me, always itching to come out, whether that be writing stories, taking random photos or focusing on my newest love….blogging.

Being Just Us was born soon after. The name reflects the idea that there isn’t one type of beauty, but multiple. The eye sees beauty in different ways which is finally how I see myself. Hopefully this blog will allow others to connect with some of what I share. Those moments when you can say ‘I felt like that’ or ‘I went through that’ because ultimately, meeting people with a unique and similar background to me, was what helped with my own personal self acceptance.

Ive always been a writer and so blogging became a natural next step. I developed an urge to create a space where I could write freely and open up about my past. It became my outlet, and the more I wrote, the more I became excited about potentially connecting with girls just like me.

My skin is a constant reminder of my past and present and is the reason why Being Just Us has come to be what it is. This is for you as much me. I look forward to sharing my unfinished journey with you….



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