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    How I Learned to Love Makeup

    My first experience with makeup was just after my 17th birthday. I’d not long left school, was about to embark on my next chapter at college and had just experienced my first Saturday as a part time sales assistant at Primark! Even more exciting, I was finally earning my own money and much to my parent’s relief, they no longer had to fund my teenage social life!

    Makeup was never really something that interested me, however, earning a small wage that was burning a hole in my pocket, meant that my eyes opened up to spending and soon enough I found myself splashing out on skincare products, Versace Red jeans perfume and the cheapest brands of makeup at Superdrug. Up until that point, I didn’t own a makeup bag but always kept a pot of Vaseline, a collection 2000 lip-gloss and a bottle of exclamation perfume hidden in my handbag!

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